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Portrait of Annie


Annie hopes to inspire you to marvel at the simplicity and beauty of nature through her artwork. Her pieces are alive with intricate details, vibrant colors, and beautiful textures that capture the landscapes, objects and people in her everyday life.


Annie's Story

Annie is a talented artist who, for the past 20 years has been living in the idyllic Umbrian region of Italy. Her unique drawings and paintings are inspired by nature... the forms, textures, tones found in all living things. Be it in the lines of a face, the texture of trees or the beauty of a landscape. She is also an artist who expresses her design aesthetic through architectural design and interiors. And for decades has worked with her architect husband restoring, renovating and furnishing properties in Italy and the United Kingdom.


Annie's preferred medium is the Blackwing pencil which achieves both delicacy and intensity, but she also works in pastel, oil and watercolour. Her art can be divided into two main categories: Small, detailed observations of nature and objects, like twigs, bark, and garden tools; and large, emotive oil paintings that capture the beauty of the ever-changing Umbrian landscape. Annie puts her heart and soul into her work, and is continually experimenting with different mediums to create color and texture. She derives great pleasure in the physical act of drawing, the intense observation and excitement of 'finding the line' which makes her skill and attention to detail evident in every piece.

Annie's skills and techniques as an artist are rooted in her passion for the craft. She has developed a unique style of painting and drawing that utilises color theory, perspective, and composition to create highly expressive pieces. She has also studied at the famed British Institute of Art in Florence, and her works have been featured in exhibitions throughout Umbria/Tuscany, resulting in sales across Europe and the USA.  


Annie invites the viewer to share in her exciting journey of exploration and to see how the smallest details in the simplest objects can become wondrous works of art. 

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